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team uniforms polo shirt EA051700047

team uniforms polo shirt EA051700047

Order Hotline: 008613527777040

Supply type: order

Delivery time: 7-14days

Category: Polo shirt

Brand: Eternal

Origin: Guangzhou

Popular elements and process: refer to our model, you can provide special design (the cost is extra);

Fabric and properties: Cotton / polyester / mixture;

Anti wrinkle, stiff, durable wear-resistant, comfortable and beautiful, pure color, environmental protection;


Female: 150S/155M/160L/165XL/170XXL 

Male: 165M/170L/175XL/180XXL/185XXXL/: 

Design highlights: elegant, restrained and concise;

Washing and maintenance instructions: suitable for professional washing, washing water is not more than 35 degrees, ironing board temperature is not more than 100 degrees centigrade;

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