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【Guangzhou professional clothing custom & Eternal Ap..2017/06/28
【Guangzhou professional clothing custom & Eternal Apparel】professional clothing, clothing fabric performance detailed introduction
Insulation property. Thermal insulation is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. The more static air contained in textile fibers, the stronger the insulation. For example, wool is more fluffy than cotton, so it has better heat preservation. The loose texture of fabric texture closely than fabric insulation properties, such as thermal insulation of woole..
【Guangzhou work clothes custom & Eternal Apparel 】ho..2017/06/28
【Guangzhou work clothes custom & Eternal Apparel 】how to choose the appropriate enterprise work clothes?
With the image of the enterprise system become more and more attention, work clothes as an important factor in the enterprise image recognition, to convey a variety of information societ..
【Guangzhou professional dress customization skill & ..2017/06/28
【Guangzhou professional dress customization skill & Eternal Apparel】 how to achieve the harmony and unity of the general features and aesthetic personality of the professional attire?
Occupation style because of its occupation characteristics is particularly important, art design style of the occupation is the first consideration factors of industrial design, the external profile is restricted by the machine processing and cost, can save the province, obey the "simple" principle, this also with the industrialization of modern aesthetic culture coinci..
【Guangzhou custom occupation Clothing & Eternal Appa..2017/06/28
【Guangzhou custom occupation Clothing & Eternal Apparel 】custom appropriate career, equipped with coup
First of all, about the material selection of professional attire. Some people think that cotton clothes to breathe, so as the occupation is a good choice, but since it is the occupation occupation, we must take into account the workplace dress, clothes appear fold is the impact of their own image, and the cotton material occupation is easy to wrinkle, so cotton is not ..
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