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【Guangzhou work clothes custom & Eternal Apparel 】how to choose the appropriate enterprise work clothes?

With the image of the enterprise system become more and more attention, work clothes as an important factor in the enterprise image recognition, to convey a variety of information society enterprise, it is like a business name card, let visitors came to realize that the economic strength of enterprises, management level, business projects, enterprise culture and spirit and so on. Directly affect the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Imported Corporate Image design work clothes, even if it is a simple career tooling, contains a variety of information, has become a corporate spirit of the image of the information carrier


Logo, pattern, standard font and enterprise concept are another important features of the design of work clothes and enterprise identity system. The corporate logo cleverly fusion in overalls, chest, behind the edge of the bag, cap badge, sleeve seam etc. is commonly used gimmick clothing design. The methods of display include inlaying, printing, embroidering, mending and wearing. The position, size and making process of the patterns and fonts can be adjusted according to the specific conditions. Corporate identity system (Corporate Identity) and a variety of basic elements can be designed as appropriate in the clothing and accessories accessories, which is one of the prominent features of professional clothing.

The design of clothing into corporate image logo (Corporate Identity) system, from its core corporate image logo (Corporate Identity) as the guidance, and the overall style of clothing from the entire enterprise business strategy and culture, make the enterprise spirit consciousness as image visual factors such as work clothes, other forms of beauty, the collocation of color contrast, the features of fashion accessories accessories and so on, and from fully reflect and convey the business philosophy of the enterprise, make enterprise employees have common values and a sense of identity to the enterprise.

Corporate Image (corporate image) design work clothes for enterprises and institutions, associations, from the inside out to form a cohesive force and image power. All the staff dressed in uniforms standard, carry out their work, busy but not chaotic, gradually formed the enterprise everything in good order and well arranged, centripetal force and cohesive force, to encourage each employee is not negative sign of business, in accordance with the concept of enterprise spirit, to work hard.

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