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【Guangzhou professional dress customization skill & Eternal Apparel】 how to achieve the harmony and unity of the general features and aesthetic personality of the professional attire?

Occupation style because of its occupation characteristics is particularly important, art design style of the occupation is the first consideration factors of industrial design, the external profile is restricted by the machine processing and cost, can save the province, obey the "simple" principle, this also with the industrialization of modern aesthetic culture coincide.


Eternal Apparel leisure outfit - segmented occupation occupation, knit collar, cuffs, hem vest, knitting needle bring vitality charm, style color mosaic monotonous sweep occupation presented in general, handsome temperament. And with elegant occupation broke another effect; or soft and hard fabric blending of men's unique taste. Bright colors of professional attire, can easily raise the overall brightness of clothing, youth unlimited vitality!

Just like the profession itself, the commonness and the aesthetic personality of the professional attire are difficult to achieve the harmony and unity under the guidance of reason. Deeper levels of women's liberation movement have gone deep into emotional and psychological factors. Therefore, the study of the characteristics of the times and the design of professional women's clothing, so that women's professional attire fundamentally follow the trend of the times, mature, into the future.

The style of the occupation is in the choice of fabric. This is related to the domestic fabric varieties monotonous, low technology content, but also with the choice of enterprises and designers are not linked to one-way. You can't only choose the fabric according to the design, but also have the courage to determine your design according to the new fabric. 

The effect of fashion colors on the nervous system and pathology. Overly bright uniforms, colors, and overly dark shades can affect the moods of those around you. Taking into account the choice of consumer occupation, determine the theme of cool and warm colors, according to the professional women of outdoor work to consider the color of the absorption of heat reflection, and so on.

Therefore, in the choice of professional attire customization, we should take into account the group of professional attire, but also take into account the commonality of personality, it also reflects the people-oriented culture. Golden dam clothing, is willing to discuss with the vast number of customers to customize the development direction of professional wear, hope to be innovative, win-win cooperation. One stop service hotline: 400-962-6300

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