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【Guangzhou custom occupation Clothing & Eternal Apparel 】custom appropriate career, equipped with coup

First of all, about the material selection of professional attire. Some people think that cotton clothes to breathe, so as the occupation is a good choice, but since it is the occupation occupation, we must take into account the workplace dress, clothes appear fold is the impact of their own image, and the cotton material occupation is easy to wrinkle, so cotton is not a good choice to achieve the purpose, anti wrinkle, and can guarantee the ventilation, Macao Song joint occupation designer said, on the basis of ninety percent cotton, adding ten percent polyester, such collocation can be guaranteed to meet the above two requirements.  


Next, consider the style of professional attire. The design of occupation first to facilitate the work, so when the design to avoid tight design, to design according to the needs of different industries, such as if the mineral staff work in the field, in order to prevent mosquito insect invasion effectively, to design on the cuff neckline stepped up, and general because the supermarket staff must often carry things or take things, so the clothes slightly loose, as the bank requires high-end occupation, occupation, can reflect the precise work. 

Eternal Apparel, specifically tailored for enterprises suitable for professional wear / uniforms / tooling, more information, please pay attention to Kim Kim clothing official website, or directly pull a one-stop service hotline: 400-962-6300


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