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【Guangzhou professional clothing custom & Eternal Apparel】professional clothing, clothing fabric performance detailed introduction

1. Insulation property. Thermal insulation is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. The more static air contained in textile fibers, the stronger the insulation. For example, wool is more fluffy than cotton, so it has better heat preservation. The loose texture of fabric texture closely than fabric insulation properties, such as thermal insulation of woolen worsted fabric than the strong. In addition, natural fibers are better than chemical fibers in heat preservation.


2. moisture absorption. Moisture absorption is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. Good moisture absorption performance can make people feel comfortable when wearing, timely absorption of sweat excreted by the body, regulate body temperature, where the norms of clothing. According to the organizational structure of clothing materials, knitted fabrics have better moisture absorption properties than woven ones, among them warp knitting is the best. In practical use, the moisture absorption of the coat material is worse than that of the underwear material.

3. elasticity and strength, custom clothing. Elasticity refers to the ability of garment material to be restored to its original shape after being deformed by extrusion. In general, natural fibers have better elasticity, but their resilience is weaker. Synthetic fibers, especially polyester, the ability of restitution is very strong, the clothing made more crisp. Intensity refers to the degree of fastness when using. Generally speaking, the strength of synthetic fiber is much greater than that of natural fiber, and it is not easily damaged.

4. permeability. Selection, should be carefully selected according to design intent. Air permeability is the performance of regulating human comfort, and closely related to human health. The strength of the air permeability depends on the density, thickness and surface shape of the material.

Above is for the performance of fabric to answer the occupation, can help you to choose their own occupation. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the golden dam clothing website, or direct call service hotline: 400-962-6300, we will wholeheartedly provide you with a more comprehensive answer

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