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business cooperationEternal Recruitment Partner in the national cooperation

  Guangzhou Eternal Apparel Co. Ltd. was founded in 2005 in Guangzhou auspicious Import & Export Trading Co. Ltd., and in 2015 changed its name to Guangzhou  Eternal Apparel Co., Ltd. has been focused on uniforms, uniforms, brand creative design, research and development, production and marketing as the core of the professional development of the clothing brand. The spirit of "customer first, win-win cooperation" business purposes, for the industry to provide group clothing overall solutions and quality products.


  Different from other traditional industries, and Eternal brand, will provide you with your customers to negotiate clothing overall solution, you don't have to worry about professional problems, don't worry about the shortage of funds, but don't worry about the loss of customers, price competition and other issues. You only need to do is that you have related resources and ability to integrate resources, the other to the gold Balai completed, this is Kim dam Cooperation Agency core -- create / share / win



Eternal  advantage:

1, quality assurance, quick delivery!

Our materials and accessories are purchased from the industry's professional and reputable suppliers, and through the national authorities to detect, while also has a stable and powerful production base.

2, high cost performance, one-stop service!

We have always been "customer satisfaction" as the first purpose, to provide development, design, production to after-sales service one-stop service,

For customers from a variety of various aspects of the liberation, and without any intermediate links.

3, thoughtful and timely after-sales service!

We always adhere to the "customer first, long-term cooperation" principle, and resolutely do not do a hammer trading,

The customer's feedback as our own work mistakes, with guilt, humility, the first time to solve the problem.


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