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  Eternal Apparel Limited Company owns "Eternal" and "treeriver" two brands, "Eternal" brand is focus on group customization, including fashion dress, occupation uniforms, uniforms and clothing group; "treeriver" brand focused on campus dress;

Treeriver brand introduction

  Treeriver uniforms, with the most beautiful campus clothing to convey educational content, the subtle influence of teachers and students of the essence of god. Treeriver uniforms, rooted in the excellent campus culture, with "introverted, lively, concise design style", in order to lead the domestic campus dress change, promote the value proposition of educational value reconstruction plays a universal, etiquette and cultural edification role for students, to show the beauty of the natural beauty of the campus, education.

Eternal brand introduction
The "Eternal" occupation, will present the international popular occupation style into Chinese occupation personage, mature, stable, simple, atmospheric, fashion reflected in the business and leisure concept, and can fully consider comfort and appropriateness, Seiko secret agents, will not pay attention to, always reflects the enterprise culture, the interpretation of the classic team.

Eternal, all serving in IT elite occupation as an information carrier to convey the soul of enterprise image, enterprise brand image, enterprise culture, team spirit, unity symbolizes the unity of the occupation forces, the expression of excellent quality elite, personality charm and rich connotation of enterprise.



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